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Drift City Description

Steer onto a sparkling island in the Pacific, and put pedal to the metal as you compete against other drivers in your fully customised car. Speed to the finish line with the latest in auto technology.


Free-to-play client game Drift City takes you to an island in the Pacific, where street racing is everything. You start the game by customising your own sleek vehicle with which to roam the streets. Deck it out in the latest speed, durability and booster accessories to help you speed past your competitors to the finish line.

The rules are excitingly different in Drift City – you are encouraged and even earn points for breaking the rules. Driving on the wrong side of the road, driving as close as possible to other racers, drifting and even jumping off the ramps is rewarded with combo points. All points collected will go to cool new items to accessorise your car with.

Form a crew with your friends and cruise the streets of Drift City. Crews compete against each other at the 'Channel Battles'. The winning crews will be rewarded with a large bonus in fame and Mito. Head to the battle zone where you race against other drivers, either as a solo driver or as part of a crew. Each race has a fee which goes straight into a jackpot – at the end of the race the jackpot is then distributed to the relevant winners. Participate in thrilling all-in RushTime matches. RushTime matches take an unlimited number of drivers into the heart of Drift City on a communal hunting mission. Drivers must track a mighty boss HUV and deliver the blows.

In the online game Drift City you can make new friends and add them to your friend list, connect with other drivers through the unique chat system and send messages using the mail system. Buy cool new accessories from the Auction House, Drift Shop, Parts Shop and Dealership to pimp your wheels with. Put your foot on the gas and overtake your opponents as you cruise the streets of Drift City.

by Kyle Hayth

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